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Module 4
Life in the future
Unit 1
Everyone will study at home
is going to
¤ be going to do

¤ will do
I will play football after class.
I am going to play football after class.
She is going to dance at the party.
She will dance at the party.
We will study at home in the future?
2. Students will use books in the future?
1. Will our life be different in the future? Yes, it will. / No, it won’t.
2. Will our school change? Yes, they will. / No, they won’t.
Listen and choose Lingling’s answers to the questions.
Listening and vocabulary
carry change everything future life need will
4. Will students puter at school? Yes, they will. / No, they won’t.
5. Will they carry lots of books to school? Yes, they will. / No, they won’t.
3. Will everything be different? Yes, it will. / No, it won’t.
Look at the picture and describe it. Use the words in the box to help you.
blackboard puter email
eraser paper pen
pencil ruler telephone
Students will puters and get
information on the .
Teacher won’t use chalk in the future.
Listen and read
1. Will schools be different in the future?
language points
Schools will be different in the future?
Schools are different now. 内容来自淘豆网www.taodocs.com转载请标明出处.