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  1. 发布时间:2019-07-18
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:兼职实习
  4. 来源:上海交通大学
  5. 职位:采购实习生

单位名称 德韧汽车零部件(江苏)有限公司
主题 德韧集团总部(紫竹高新园区)采购部实习生招聘 招聘截止日期 2019-07-18
应聘网址 简历投递邮箱
Dura is the largest and leading independent designer and manufacturer of driver control systems,seating control systems, safety hardware, structural body systems, exterior trim and integrated glass systems, with global sales of USD1.5bn.
The company’s mission is to create innovative, high quality products and solutions that help its customers attain their unique goals in the marketplace. The company operates in 15 countries,in 35 manufacturing operations and with 11,000 employees globally.
With a presence on more than 300 models worldwide, the company markets automotive products to every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the America's, Asia and Europe.The company’s line of products include shifter systems, cable systems, seating control systems, engineered
assemblies,structural and safety systems, modular glass systems and exterior trim systems. The company’s operating divisions supply Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Brilliance, Chery, Chrysler, Daimler,Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover,Mahindra, NedCar, NUMMI, Porsche, PSA Peugeot Citroen,Renault-Nissan, SAIC, Ssangyong, Suzuki, Tata, Toyota,Volkswagen and many leading automotive suppliers.
In Asia, Dura has established presence in China , Japan ,Korea, and India. China alone has a business turnover of USD 60million, which accounts for 80% of the total business turnover in Asia. Currently the company has one business office, one WOFE and 2 Joint Venture plants in China. It will make further
announcements on new investments in China as it pursues an active growth strategy in China.
Company Website:
职位(1): 采购实习生
需求人数 1-5人(3) 工作类型 实习 工作所在省份 上海市 工作所在市 市辖区
职位类别1 职位类别2 年薪(万元) 面议
职位描述 Responsibility: 1. RFQ release and quotation collection. 2. Support to the purchasing data update and analysis 3. Other work as manager assigned.
生源地要求 不限 性别要求 不限 外语语种要求 英语  
学历 专业
其他要求 Requirement: 1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. Familiar with office software e.g. Power Point, Excel, Word; 3. Good written and spoken English, can communicate with overseas colleague directly; 4. Be available for at least 3 days per week, not including Saturday and Sunday.


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